• Celebrating the 2016-2017 School Year!
















    Founders Sam & Glo Fonte hold a special celebration for Learning Center staff and math tutors to conclude another successful school year.









    Grade 3 Pupils Turned Tutors!

    Junril Abrazado, Anne Kristine Maestro, and Anna May Mindo, tutees in 2010, applied and were selected as tutors for the 2015-2016 school year! We are so proud of their academic accomplishments these past 6 years and current leadership!

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    Math Tutor Alum Graduates Cum Laude in Accountancy!

    Hanna Cerdeña, a math tutor alum '12, continued with her love for numbers and graduated with a BS in Accountancy at Sacred Heart College in Manila. She is now reviewing for the boards to become a CPA. Congrats and good luck, Hanna!

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    Tutor uses Stipend for College Tuition!

    Katherine Joy Morrondoz, Outstanding Math Tutor Award recipient '14, put her stipend and award bonus toward her college tuition at Romblon State University where she is taking up a Bachelor of Secondary Education in Mathematics . We are so proud of you, Katherine Joy!

    Director gives speech to Tutors at 2015 RNHS Recognition Day

    "Thank you all for your diligence this past year. You are now a part of our legacy. When I see what you do, I see you as a role model for the younger generation of Romblomanons and I see hope for a brighter future. The Fonte Family would like to extend their well wishes and gratitude for another successful year. Thank you all very much." -Justine Fonte