• What We Do

    Since 2008 in Romblon, Philippines, the Sam2Glo Learning Center has been providing exclusive tutoring in reading and math to narrow the achievement gap by bridging the opportunity gap.

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    Reading & Math Tutoring

    Grade 3 Pupils

    Grade 3 Romblomanon pupils who are both struggling with fundamental mathematic and reading skills and cannot afford private tutoring qualify for at least one 3-month term in our tutoring program. They work toward mastery of those skills along with a comprehensive understanding of the underlying principles through individualized tutoring.

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    Math Tutoring Positions

    High School Peer Tutors

    Romblon National High School students in the top sections of their class who come only from low-income families are eligible for selection as a peer tutor for the duration of one school year and a monetary stipend for providing services to Grade 3 pupils using inquiry-based pedagogy. These peer tutors develop meaningful relationships with their tutees, gain exposure to the teaching profession, and give back to their community.

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    Reading Teacher Positions

    Certified DepEd Teachers

    Teachers who have passed their boards and are awaiting permanent school placement are eligible for hire and salary in the interim.

    Inquiry-Based Learning

    Our method of teaching is not to deliver information to the student but rather to ask appropriate questions allowing students to discover knowledge and understanding on their own. Our tutors are trained to provide pedagogy that is relevant, student-driven, and empowering.